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The Long March of Eritrea, music by ThomasDave.

The Long March of Eritrea

18 June 2021

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Hey there!

I’m Thomas, and with my husband Dave we produce tracks together. Give it a listen, and let us know if you like it!

Every Friday we publish a new track on - If you want to stay in touch, send me your email and I'll keep you posted.

I also review music I like: pop, but also tech house and gay circuit tribal tracks. I'm always happy to discover music made by other gay producers or queer artists like ourselves.

Heard something you like and think I might too? Send me an email on so I will listen to it.

Want to have a chat about making music? Feel free to message my WhatsApp. Thanks!

I like collecting tracks by other gay producers on Spotify and Soundcloud, and compile playlists.

Do you like to party? So do we! Which gay events do you go to in Amsterdam? See you there!