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The Pledge

Artist: DJ BE-Rik

This swinging Tech House track has plenty of bouncing energy, a nice groove, and bright high notes.

I really Iike the mysterious "signing of the pledge" vocal chops, which have been sampled at various frequencies, and is a recurring theme of this 8:30 dance track.

Thomas chose this Tech House track to open our 35 hours Soundcloud playlist of Dutch DJs NL Gay Circuit DJs because it opens with strong beats.

The Pledge is DJ BE-Rik first original track, and came in out in 2019. As far as I know, there hasn't been another track since, but we're both looking forward to his future ones.

We also miss partying at Club Church, where DJ BE-Rik is one of the residents. Our favourite Amsterdam gay club is still closed due to COVID.

Dave, January 2021

DJ BE-Rik on Spotify

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