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The Box, music by ThomasDave.

The Box (remake)

Based on Julian Jordan and Will K

This track is a remake of The Box

About The Box

So far I've been writing original tracks. The Box, however, is an attempt to recreate someone else's track by just listening carefully to it, using my own instruments, and remaking it from scratch.

It's a great exercise in improving my music production skills because I can compare what I produce to the original, trying to remake the cool sounds I hear.

Since this isn't an original track but a remake, this track will not be available for download, streaming, or purchase on my usual various sites, like Spotify, iTunes, etc... This website is the only place you can listen to my remake.

I made it as well as I could within my usual production deadline of just one week and my current level of production skills. I feel the original is way better, but I'm curious to hear what you think.


Released 30 April 2021

Remake of The Box by Julian Jordan and Will K.